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Card Control Center

Welcome to Southwest Montana Community Federal Credit Union's Card Control Center. Here is all the great information you need should your card be lost, stolen or have fraudulent activity. If you need to order a new card or permently increase your daily limts, you can find the form below along with our Card Dispute Form if you have charges on your account that require a dispute.

It's here! It's here! You now have access to your debit cards, credit cards and ATM cards. You can freeze and unfreeze cards if you temporarily misplace a card or even order a new card. (see additional info below) Traveling? quickly add a memo from the app! **Want to raise your limit? No Problem! You now have better access to what you need from us, especially on holidays, long weekends and after hours. WAHOO! Explore our mobile app page to learn more.
Please contact your local branch.
Please call (800) 682-6075

Please call (800) 547-1823

Please note, If your transaction is declined and there is suspected fraud on your card you will recieve a text and/or email from the fraud center. You must maintain a good cell phone number and email on file with us so that the fraud center can contact you incase of an issue.
1. Attempt to contact the merchant. Before SWMCFCU can begin to work on your dispute case, you must make every effort to resolve the dispute with the merchant first. After contact has been made with no resolution or there is no means of contact, you may then complete the Card Dispute Form Here. Make sure you keep a timeline of all your efforts to support your case.

We do not encourage you to email the dispute form through unsecured email connection. Please speak with a member service representative first.

2. Often, free trials offered by merchants will enroll you into other offers when you accept and agree to their terms and conditions. Most trials can be cancelled at any time and may issue a refund at the discression of the merchant. Its important that you call this merchant first and attempt to cancel the trial. Make sure you keep a timeline of all your efforts to support your case.

3. Disputes must be submitted within sixty days of the transaction date.

4. SWMCFCU highly recommeds you have supporting documentation for your dispute. The Debit/Credit Card Dispute Form must include copies of documentation to support your dispute. VISA Regulations require documentation to substantiate disputes, therefore detailed information is required. The Credit Union will need the signed form stating the efforts and results of your contact with the merchant, copies of proof of returns, credit slips, cancellation numbers, and date cancelled where applicable. Failure to show support for your dispute may slow the process and/or result in a failed attempt to restore your funds.

5. Fraudulent Transactions. If the transactions posted to the account were fraudulent, you are not required to contact the merchant directly, however, you are required to complete the Dispute Form in its entirety.

6. Once the form is received and we have all of the documentation, we will process the dispute and provide a provisional credit to the account within 2-5 business days. Please note, it is possible after the investigation that VISA may conclude the charge was not fradulent and funds could be taken back out of your account. Both pages of the Dispute Form are required to be completed. You may bring the dispute form into either of our branches personally, you may fax the dispute form to 406-563-7122 or 406-782-8339.

We do not encourage you to email this form form through unsecured email connection.

7. Questions? Please call us during business hours. Anaconda Branch 406-563-8484 or our Butte Branch 406-782-8337

Card Limit Increase Form

If you are interested in a temporary or permanent card limit increase, you will need to fill out this form. We do not encourage you to email this form through unsecured email connection. Please contact member services for options first.

**Card limits can be increased on our mobile app. The maximum allowed limit is $1000.00. Please note, this limit will remain until you either lower it on the mobile app, or contact the Credit Union to do so on your behalf. You will be fully responsible for losses up to these limit amounts. For limits higher that $1000.00, you will need to contact the credit union and use the card Limit Increase Form.

Reorder Card Form

If you need to reorder a card or replace an exsisting card, please fill out this form. We do not encourage you to email this form through unsecured email connection. Please contact member services for options first.

***You can replace your card through our mobile app. Please read thoroughly all the disclaimers that you must click on before the replacement takes effect when replacing your card through the mobile app.

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