Touch Tone Teller

Now you can enjoy immediate access to your accounts at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Southwest Montana Community Federal Credit Union’s Touch Tone Teller. Use it to transfer funds within your account, make loan payments, inquire about account balances, see if a draft has cleared or receive current interest-rate information and even apply for a loan, all instantly, by phone.

All you need is our new Touch Tone Teller number (406)563-7191, your account number and Pin number


Use touch tone teller 24 hours/7days a week to get your share savings or draft checking balances. Read directions completely before proceeding.

Here’s how:

  • Dial 563-7191, you’ll hear a short message
  • Enter your account number
    • (If your account is 1223456-7 enter 123456. Skip the dash and the last digit
  • Enter your new 6-15 digit pin number. (first time callers will be required to first type in their SSN and then establish a new pin)
  • Press 1 for balance information
  • Press 2 for account history

Touch Tone Teller can do much more. For a brochure, call or write to receive yours.